How to Advertise to Your Local Community

Local businesses get most of their business from their immediate communities. While Google Local is taking off, you may also want to capitalise on those people who don't spend as much time online - those who are moving about the community, driving around and those that you simply get in touch with. We're going to discuss how you can market to them.

Car signage is a highly effective way to promote your business within your local community and wherever you drive around. There are many different types of vehicle branding, including:

  • Car magnets, such as those used by estate agents.
  • Decals that include a sign on each of the front doors and at the back.
  • Partial wraps, which is a nice design and great graphics that cover 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle.
  • Full wraps, which cover the entire car.
  • Colour change wrap, which is a full wrap without any branding.

These types of signage are appropriate for any local business owner wishing to find a cost-effective marketing method. Vehicle branding has been proven to be effective. You can spend the same amount of money you would spend on one small newspaper add on vehicle branding that will last for years. Let's face it - nobody responds to an ad the first time they see it. Research has proven that an ad is often only effective after the 6th time someone sees it. When people in your captive area see your vehicle with branding on it, they will take notice, which means it has a high impact. It also brings about a professional image, as you look serious and credible.

However, when you drive out of your city or town, it is still visible. Someone else may notice it and if they need your services they will call.


What Makes Vehicle Branding So Effective?

A branded vehicle is eye-catching, provided you don't just put your phone number on the door, hoping people will notice. Your vehicle branding should be an extension of your main brand and it should stand out. Your branding will depend on the type of industry you are in and the purpose of your branding. A logo on the door is sufficient for telling your vehicle apart from others in a parking lot or on a construction site. However, if you're using it as a means of promoting your business, you need to be bold and brave and you need to go as big as possible. You want people to see what you're doing and you need to be visible from a reasonable distance. You want people to turn their heads to look at what you're advertising.

Your vehicle branding should be different and unique, even humoristic and your website should be included. Traffic can be boring, so give people a reason to laugh.


Vehicle Branding Factors

Choose an experienced branding company that sells quality vinyl that will last. Reputable companies use cast vinyl that follows the curves of the car, and it does not crack, tear or fade.  A UV coat will ensure that the sun does not fade your ink as fast, which means that your signage will last longer. You can get branding done at a fifth of the usual price, but your branding will only last a fifth of the time and it will look terrible.

A full vehicle wrap will actually protect your car's paint from damage, as it is not exposed to the sun. Most scratches will only be vinyl deep, and will not go all the way through to your paint. If the vinyl is applied correctly, it will not damage the car when it is wrapped, or when it is removed. It can actually help protect a new car, so that it is in perfect condition when it is sold a few years later. Should the car be in an accident, the affected section can be replaced, as the artwork is generally on file - if not, it can be recreated.

If the cost of the full wrap is a concern, especially in white, black or silver cars, you could speak to your designer about incorporating the colour of your car into your design. It looks as eye-catching, but it can save on the costs.

We would like to encourage you to implement the guidelines in this article straight away. If you are not sure how to get started or how it best applies to your business, please contact us and we will be happy to share some further thoughts with you.