Is There Really Such a Thing as a One-Stop-Shop?

Many companies in the service industry boast that they are a one-stop-shop, but this often means absolutely nothing. It doesn’t have to be this way though as a one-stop-shop can really add a lot of value in an industry with a diverse product offering – like branding.

In terms of branding, a one-stop-shop is a company that can place your logo and designs on anything you want it placed upon – and then supply all the branded items that are required, from printing to signage to clothing, gifting and so on. Few branding companies do this type of work, as most opt to specialise in one of these fields. Basically Branding has years of experience in all types of branding, which enables us to be a one-stop branding shop. Instead of having to deal with a different supplier for every aspect of your branding, we do it all.


Why Deal With a One-Stop Branding Shop

  • We become the custodian of your brand.
  • We are able to take your entire branding portfolio and deliver service, product and colour consistency throughout all aspects of your branding.
  • We save you the hassle and stress of dealing with many different service providers.
  • We have strong negotiating leverage, resulting in better pricing.
  • We have knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in the branding industry, and can therefore advise and supply.

When you get in touch with Basically Branding, we first meet with you to discuss your needs. This is a crucial step in making sure that we supply you the best possible solution mix for your end application.


Industry Trends

At Basically Branding, we stay at the forefront of industry trends. With so much happening in the industry, we always have our ears to the ground when it comes to new technologies or products that become available. We are passionate about branding and constantly research, study, and attend industry events and manufacturer trainings to get the most from our equipment. It is our goal to deliver only the best quality service and products to our valued clients. What sets a one-stop-shop like Basically Branding apart from the competition, is the fact that we know exactly where to take your requirements, even if that's a service we don't yet offer.

We often receive fascinating and obscure requirements from ad agencies who come up with new concepts, and it is our job to then figure out how it can be done. It happens all the time, and we love the challenge. We are here to fulfill your concepts. However, we don't simply take on an obscure project, charge a small fortune and move on. If we feel that your idea is not viable, we will point it out.

People often think that opting for a smaller supplier will be cheaper, but the problem is that smaller suppliers often have not had the experience to handle many of the less common projects. They usually don't have the machines or the experience. Therefore, they have to outsource it to a third party supplier resulting in unnecessary markup. Large scale suppliers, such as Basically Branding, know exactly what to do with your order, and we have the experience and equipment to back it up.

We would like to encourage you to implement the guidelines in this article straight away. If you are not sure how to get started or how it best applies to your business, please contact us and we will be happy to share some further thoughts with you.